Sunday, July 13, 2014


Perfect is repeatable. Imperfect is Perfect. Powerful words that really made me think. 
All I could say ,"How True".

Is perfection so important after all? Why is it that we are so stressed out planning to perfection? For any programme , we plan meticulously...but then if everything goes per plan isn't it boring? Doesn't the sense of satisfaction come in when unexpected challenges are met? When they seem part of the plan & do not seem unexpected to the onlooker...isn't that a better feedback of a job well done? 

Whether it is Life or a Programme  if everything goes as per plan it is normally described as "Uneventful". Events are those that bring in the challenges, the obstacles & the solutions. Sometimes the solutions may be  right there & sometimes they challenge our skills. Think back on an event when nothing went as per plan, wasn't that the best? It may have been imperfect but wasn't it good? Expecting the unexpected makes us proactive, think on our feet & many a time think out of the box! Are we then able to accept those imperfections in the final outcome because it was not as per plan!  Are we able to take hold of the situation & face it as it  is?How many we know can handle it? Does it need something special? Is this ability to accept these challenges & not get disturbed by it  or feel guilty, a way of life?  It sure is.

 It  is called Wabi Sabi .It is  a Japanese intuitive way of living that emphasizes finding beauty in imperfection, and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. The law of transience. "It is the beauty &  appreciation of things imperfect, impermanent & incomplete. It is the beauty of things humble & simple in nature. It is the beauty of things unrefined & unconventional." If we start viewing life like this,  isn't it easy to be stress free?
The picture of this blog post is of a  rose from my garden. The dried up outer petals add more variation  in the color of the rose as you keep looking at it. Acceptance of imperfections leads to better health according to new research & for that you need to have Self compassion. When there is Self compassion you are able to embrace mistakes as well.

It definitely is a beautiful place to be in . In fact to understand  Wabi Sabi you have to be extremely patient & look very carefully. You are REAL here .Things wabi-sabi easily coexist with everything around. Simplicity is at the core of it all. All of us know Being Simple is really Difficult. However when you are able to accept yourself completely, the ability to work in your space in  your way, is easier. With no need to impress &  to be able to  accept your fallibility, life is that much more fun to live. So the next time somebody around you talks about Perfection, SMILE for  you now know WABI SABI.